Pickychick Notes: Let’s Hear It for the Boys Week!

7 Nov

Okay, so the next week is going to be spent on books with male protagonists. Yes, I know this is against the original Pickychick Mission Statement, but bear with me. According to Smith and Wilhelm in Reading Don’t Fix No Chevys: Literacy in the Lives of Young Men, boys tend to resist reading stories about female characters, while girls are much more likely to read stories regardless of the gender of the protagonist. Ergo, Let’s Hear It for the Boys Week!

The qualities I’m looking for are a little bit different with boys. Instead of looking for a heroine who isn’t afraid to be strong, I’m looking for a hero who isn’t afraid to admit weakness. Now because I only have seven days to fit in the entire cannon of literature starring men, I’m going to avoid given characters like Harry Potter, the Hardy Boys, or Hamlet – though they may not in fact be givens on this list, but that’s another debate. Instead I’m focusing on characters you may not have met, who deserve to be recognized for their intelligence, respectfullness, and bravery.

Accordingly, the PSA will be retired this week, since I’m not even messing with books that don’t rate an AJ – or a Jason Bourne, who I think is her male counterpart.

You can still get any last minute votes for candidates in, as my list isn’t concrete past day four!


One Response to “Pickychick Notes: Let’s Hear It for the Boys Week!”

  1. Kelsey T November 9, 2010 at 9:01 am #

    WOO! Such a great idea for a week 🙂

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